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  • Brilliant Emergency Parenting

    Sitting in the parking lot of the ED for hours watching for a seizure event. Brilliant parenting actually. They probably kept watch better than the hospital would have, and with less exposure to hospital germs. Not to mention outrageous bills and unnecessary interventions. Don't tell the hospital though. They'll try to start charging $2,000/hour for standby use of the parking lot...

  • Want to Make Healthcare Competitive & Transparent?

    Set a default price of 200% of Medicare. Hospitals and other providers can charge less, but not more without specific quote and patient or insurer signed agreement. So easy. So common-sense. So understandable by patients.

  • Generic Drugs Now Make Up 90% of Prescriptions.


    So, Generic Drug Companies Got Greedy

    "The alleged generic drug price collusion transformed a cutthroat, highly competitive business into one where sudden, coordinated price spikes on identical generic drugs became almost routine. Competing executives were so chummy they had an alphabetical rotation for who picked up the tab at their regular dinners."

  • If Illness Doesn't Suck the Breath Out of You, Your Hospital Probably Will

    Sick? Have insurance? Watch hospitals squeeze the dollars out of you. (Doesn't matter if insurance pays it - one way or another, you ultimately pay for it through lower pay, higher taxes, poor schools, broken roads...)


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