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  • Francesca Hartop

You're Rich. But Nobody's Telling You.

You're rich. But nobody's telling you.

What if you were born a millionaire? What if every American was born a millionaire? Silly question? The truth is we waterfall money into a black hole of "medical services" in this country - supposedly in your best interests - to the tune of about $1M for every single person in the United States. Do you feel like a millionaire? Do you feel $1M of wellness? Probably not. In fact, you might feel like you're starring in a Lemony Snicket movie - somebody is secretly stealing your family's millions. But it's true. The thief is our dysfunctional healthcare system, wasting, overspending, or worse, actually harming you, to capture what should be your money for your choices.

ATP is the Fix for American Healthcare. Those trust fund kids with the rich uncle? Meet your Uncle Sam. ATP is the benevolent uncle who ensures you have secure and personal access and control over your million dollar trust fund to meet your basic health needs. A safety net without giant holes and outrageous bureaucracy. A system that's fair no matter where you live or how you live.

The Next Revolution is Healthcare

ATP will provide equitable access to care for every citizen of the United States of America, while honoring fundamental principles of individual choice, personal values, and personal responsibility. Revolutionary? Yes.

It's time for America to lead the world in addressing the health

cost crisis. Join us as we lay out a bold new transparent framework for healthcare access, patient protection, patient empowerment, family financial security, and true patient choice.



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